Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Northern Midwest Printer's Fair

Today I took a little roadtrip over to Mt. Pleasant for the Great Northern Midwest Printer's Fair. I was on the lookout for a press, but alas I did not find one. I did meet some nice people and got to see the Printer's Hall which was pretty cool. They even have the press and paper folder from my home town newspaper. The giant Babcock Reliance. Maybe by next year's Printer's Fair I'll have my own press.


Eva said...

i'm drooling...and jealous. how come i'd never heard of the northern midwest printers' fair?

Danielle said...

I'd never heard about it until this year. I've been trying to find a press and a man on briarpress told me about it. It was really great, still haven't found a press, but enjoyed it nonetheless.