Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awesome Type Coin

Graphic Design Wednesday---A Little Late

Stani Michiels, architect and artist recently won a design competition for the Dutch Ministry of Finance for the new 5 Euro coin. The theme, "Netherlands and Architecture," inspired him to create the coin using Architect's names to create a portrait of the Dutch queen on the front of the coin, while the back uses a variety of Architecture books to create an outline of the Netherlands. He says on his blog, “The books rise as buildings towards the center. Through their careful placement they combine to outline the Netherlands, while birds’ silhouettes suggest the capitals of all the provinces."

“I approached the subject ‘Netherlands and Architecture’ from two points of view,” he says on his blog. “On one hand I paid tribute to the rich Dutch architecture history and on the other hand to the contemporary quality of Dutch architecture. These form also the two sides of my coin. Traditionally the front of the coin needs to portray the queen, while the back side displays the value of the coin.”

Thanks to Creative Review for the link

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