Sunday, September 27, 2009

The worst blogger ever.... me!  September has been so crazy!  I've felt out of touch with blogger world, but I've had so much to share! 
As seen in the previous post, Matt and I were heading up to Okoboji for Labor Day weekend.  We camped out and it was gorgeous the entire weekend.  The above shot is our view from the tent.  

Of course the main reason we headed north was for the flea markets.  Okoboji has three flea markets over the holiday weekend and we stopped by Clear Lake's flea market on the way home Sunday.  Here is some of the great stuff along the path of the Okoboji Flea Market and Clear Lake Flea Market.  There was a ton of great stuff at both places.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my car limits the amount of purchases we can make, so most the photos here are objects of desire.  Enjoy!

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