Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to the Future...

...is one of the greatest movies ever! But this post isn't about Marty McFly (even though Nike just came out with the future shoes of Marty McFly). Mostly I've been thinking about my future, pretty much all the time. This year is my senior year at Grand View and I will graduate in April with a graphic design degree. Thus far I've been working at an internship, which I think is good experience and I enjoy most of my co-workers, but I think it's sucking out my soul. I feel like I'm chained to my desk and making things take longer so I actually have something to work on.

I've been thinking heavily about having my own business. Currently I've just been selling on etsy and a few Craft Saturdays. Neither have been extremely profitable, which isn't really why I make things. I love design as well, but I think I need to find something where I can combine my love of design and creating things by hand.

I've been checking out letterpress businesses as a possibility after graduation. I'd love to have my own press and go printing away, but being a poor college student, the press is a little out of my price range. One business I found which I absolutely fell in love with was Orange Beautiful. They're based out of Chicago and what they're doing is my dream. There's also Hello Lucky that has great stuff, along with Red Prairie Press.

Enjoy those links and see you soon!

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