Friday, August 8, 2008

Ossian Fest!

Last weekend was the grand ole Ossian Fest. Matt and I took the trek back up home Thursday night in preparation for Ossian Fest on Friday. Woke up for the free breakfast (pancakes and Brockman's sausage is the best!) and then wandered around town, grabbed a couple of 19 cent ice cream cones and checked out the flea market. Later that evening we grabbed a piece of curb and watched the parade. Here are some pics of the fabulous Ossian Fest Parade.
This was crazy! This man had trained all of his ducks to march in line with him and every one of them had different little costumes.
And the classic shriners in their clown get-up.
And here's one of my great uncles driving his restored tractor.

All in all Ossian Fest was a great time. Good times with friends and classic Ossian Fest goodness :)

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