Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Round-up

It's been a busy week (as seen by my lack of posting), so here's a weekly round-up of all things of this week :)
I made delicious banana bread early on in the week :) It's my grandma's recipe and it is so delicious :) Matt and I went through half a loaf right after I made it
On Thursday I got free tickets to the I-cubs game. I haven't gone to a game in 2 years at least, so it was fun to go. The game was really pretty good and the I-cubs ended up winning. Unfortunately we left at the bottom of the 8th because the wind really picked up and I could barely see because of my contacts. It started raining as we walked back to the car.
And to top off the weekend, Kindra and I went to the farmer's market on Saturday morning. I'd never gone before, but I throughly enjoyed it. I ended up making this beautiful bouquet for $3.50! I love fresh flowers!

After the flea market we stopped at West End Architectural Salvage. It was a really cool place, a little on the pricey side, but pretty cool. Have to remember it when I own my house someday. We also stopped out at the bridal store so Kindra could show me my bridesmaid dress. I'm so excited for her wedding :)

A very busy week, but a great one....and soon, a post about the one and only Iowa State Fair :) Gotta have some fun before school starts (in a week, eek!)

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