Wednesday, August 12, 2009


is not only a Carly Simon's what I'm feeling right now!!!  In September the Great Northern Printer's Fair along with the Amalgamated Printer's Association's Annual Wayzgoose will be held in Mt. Pleasant, IA and I will be attending all the days this year! There will be demonstrations on printing (even registering a 7 color job I'm told), bookbinding, and even paper marbling.  I've really been needing some time for myself lately and I can't can't wait for it to come!  

To check out some of last years awesome-ness (and pictures of me printing things) click here and here for my old post.

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Anonymous said...

I am super excited as well! I have another person to add to our list of people we are meeting up with - Don Black from Don Black Line Casting in Toronto - he is so funny and says we must meet up! Possible big news for me on that front but I cant share right now because I dont want to jinx it!
Anyway, we better start thinking about a cool place to go out for dinner or something to invite all of our new friends!!